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more than translation

It's never just about translation, isn't it?

YISI offers one-stop language solutions, supporting 15 languages. With leading technologies, we ensure best-in-class performance.


YISI's industry-focused translation services and agile solutions help you enter new markets. 


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People are more likely to purchase from your brand if you speak to them in the language they understand the best.  We bridge cultural gaps, empower companies to drive business growth, and create a global impact.  

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We offer consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting and remote interpreting services. Our interpreters are highly experienced and ready for any situation. 

A subtitled video helps you reach a wider audience and enter new markets. YISI works with highly-trained subtitle translators to ensure that your story resonates with viewers and sounds just right. 


We've got the right team of talented voice actors and professional technicians to deliver top-quality dubbed content and seamless viewing experiences.

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why choose us 

15 Languages

Boutique Service

Top-Notch Technicians

Specialist Linguists 

Agile Technologies

Quick-Fire Turnarounds

High-Level Data Security

Scalable Workflows