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We believe that everyone has a right to be understood. 

Skilled interpreters can bridge language and cultural gaps in real-time. Our interpreters are experienced, qualified, and certified, providing reliable and high-quality spoken language interpretations to people who do not speak the same language. 

YIS provides specialist interpreters for business meetings, conference calls, exhibitions, depositions, community meetings, tours, and more. Our interpreters have established backgrounds in their particular area, and understand the topics discussed. Linguists will be assigned based on different criteria, such as whether they might be working within a legal situation or with informal community groups.

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3 types of interpreting services



Generally used for large conferences or international meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are required. Interpreters listen to, and instantaneously translating a speaker’s statements into another language.



For smaller meetings and discussions, it is best to use consecutive interpreting. The original speaker will pause after each sentence or point. The service does not need technical equipment and  interpreters’ booths.



We offer over-the-phone interpreting and Video Remote Interpreting. You can add professional interpreters in Zoom meetings. Using remote interpreting cuts down cost, saves time and reduces carbon footprint. 

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