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Subtitling & captioning

One or two lines of magical text at the bottom of the screen, barriers are overcome and stories are brought to life. Our professional subtitling experts and linguists are experienced and highly-trained. They accurately translate the dialogue and audio of your multimedia, maintaining the tone, style, and attitude of the original. We make your video sound just right.

By adding subtitles to your multimedia, you can reach global audiences. Perfectly rendered subtitles can enhance your script, film, or video immensely. Benefits of subtitling include increasing brand awareness, more social shares and sales. We've got a team of specialists who take care of the technical aspects of synchronization and subtitle format, transforming your subtitled content and making your businesses global. 

Image by Mulyadi

Who needs subtitles

- Feature films

- Documentaries
- Advertisement videos

- Public information videos

- Technical instructional videos

- E-learning video lessons 

- Game captions

- Online trading graphics

- Social media videos




All Formats

We accept

- .mp3
- .mp4
- .wav
- .wma 

- YouTube url, etc.

our clients

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